How it Works



So, you've written a song or a piece of music and need guitar on it. You'll have an idea how you'd like it to sound and you need to let me know what's in your head.


You'll need to record your song, ideally using a DAW (Logic, Cubase or Reaper for example) so you can set the tempo and maybe play along on whatever instrument you choose.

You can then create an MP3 or similar track and email it to me.



To give me the best chance of meeting your requirements, make sure you include instructions about the style you'd like the track in - acoustic strums for example - or maybe give me a similar track to work towards. It's helpful for you to let me know the BPM of your track.

I will record your required guitar tracks and return MP3 samples for your approval.

This is your chance to check out the recording. In nearly all cases it will be fine. Bear in mind that the most likely reason the track won't be suitable is when a client hasn't quite explained the brief fully.



If you are happy with the recording, great! If you would like something changed, I will do that (for a limited number of takes) and resend. It really is quite simple.

You make payment, preferably by bank transfer but I do accept PayPal, and I transfer you the original high quality recordings for your project.