Using an Online Session Guitarist

Matt Sessions smiling studio

There are so many ways for songwriters to create brilliant music anywhere, especially with midi allowing the possibility of recording even an orchestra on your PC.

What you will get from adding guitar to your project is depth and life that midi alone just can't equal.


My electric guitar tracks will be recorded on professional, top-end guitars played through high quality effects and amps (unless you want otherwise of course) using industry standard mics.

My acoustic tracks, whether nylon or steel guitar, can be recorded using a direct output from the guitar and also one or two mics to capture the tone of the guitar and also finger noise, which can also add to the ambience of a project. I will of course send you all recordings of the same take.

How does it work?

Really simply actually. Click the button below to see a flow chart of how.

How much does it cost?

The big question!

Hopefully less than you'd expect. Click the link below to find out more,